Administrator's Update April 03

April 03 2020

Dear Family, Friends and Loved ones,

At present, there are no known suspect or probable cases of COVID-19 among the residents or staff. Should that change, we will immediately implement our outbreak control measures and contact the family of affected residents.

We will continue to update you regarding new strategies or change in status and we thank you for your ongoing support and dedication as we navigate this rapidly and challenging situation.

I wanted to thank families, loved ones and community members for the support we have seen during this difficult time. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Thank you to the Labdara Foundation/Board that has provided the staff with treats and a kind message of thanks.

Thank you to Assured Care you as well who has assisted in appreciating and treating our staff during this difficult time.

I hope everyone was able to see the video posted earlier this week. If not, I would recommend to watch it, it helps to clarify some frequently asked questions and does some myth busting. Jayne Harvey (the nurse in the video) works with Assures Care as a consultant, and I have weekly meetings and discussions with her. She is a great support and has lots of experience and knowledge to share.

Some new updates that we have been working on:

- Staff are actively screened on entry and exit (with temperature check)
- Residents have started to be actively screened for temperature twice a day
- We have been able to secure more supply on masks, and have started supplying masks for all staff to wear during their shifts
- Staff have been encouraged to only work in one facility (our amazing team has shown that many choose only to work at Labdara)
- If staff work in more than one facility and there is an outbreak – they are not able to work at Labdara

I want to thank the staff at Labdara who are doing a wonderful job at caring for our loved ones. They have eagerly increased their shift to stop agency needs. They are worrying for them, as any family member would – and they will call you with any changes that occur. They show their care and love to residents daily with the extra tasks that they have taken on eg all staff that are available during meals (including housekeepers, managers, activities…) are assisting with feedings, taking the time to have conversations with all residents to keep social interactions going, take on extra shifts to make sure standards of care continue.

If you have any concerns, questions or suggestions please feel free to get in touch.
Email: or Phone: 416-232-2112 ext 401
Thanks again,
Laura Puteris
Laura Puteris, Administrator


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