COVID-19 UPDATE September 14 2020

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September 14 2020

At Labdara Lithuanian Nursing Home, our primary focus is the health and well being of our residents. Since the declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 10, 2020, our management team has been monitoring the situation and updating our actions accordingly. As you are aware, seniors have been identified as the most vulnerable group and we have been focused on keeping our residents and tenants safe while providing high quality care.

As of September 14 2020, we have been informed that a staff/external health care provider has tested positive for COVID-19.   At present, we do not have any presumptive/active case(s) of COVID-19 in our residents or other staff.    We continue to monitor our residents and staff for any signs or symptoms of the disease.   Out of an abundance of caution we are moving forward with out Outbreak Management plan to address this information.   As such, we are implementing out outbreak protocols until we are sure that the no one in the home, staff or residents, are identified as positive.

These are unprecedented times and we are working with Public Health authorities and following their guidance which will help us in managing to identify anyone who may have been exposed to prevent further spread. As such, are implementing our pandemic plan and following all given directions from all three levels of government. These measures include:

  • Monitoring the outbreak (IPAC nurse led surveillance of residents/staff and appropriate course of action for anyone who should display symptoms)
  • Enhanced environmental cleaning including a complete disinfection procedure of the home.
  • Assessing residents’ care needs on an ongoing basis and monitoring closely for any signs of the disease
  • Control measures for residents (isolation if experiencing symptoms, keeping a surplus of supplies etc.)
  • Limiting admissions, re-admissions, discharges and transfers to/from other facilities during this time
  • Support measures for staff and volunteers as required to ensure residents care needs are met.
  • Monitoring Infection Prevention and Control measures for staff & everyone entering our home including hand hygiene, enhancing cleaning, staff shortage plans etc.)
  • General control measures (restricting entry to main entrance for screening purposes)

We will continue to monitor this/these case(s), work with Public Health Authorities and provide updates to our community to ensure COVID-19 is contained at our home to the best of our ability.   We are committed to providing transparency and a safe environment for our residents.    We will keep you informed as the situation evolves.


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