Letter to Labdara families from the Board of Directors.


August 2, 2021


Dear families and persons with power of attorney for Labdara residents


We are extremely concerned about the outbreak of COVID-19 at Labdara Lithuanian Nursing Home and deeply saddened by the passing of two residents.  


We continue to support Labdara's administration in their efforts to resolve the COVID-19 outbreak.  All recommended guidelines and directions from Public Health are being followed in order to deal with this extremely infectious virus. Labdara has implemented all necessary infection control protocols, screening and safety measures, including daily rapid testing of all staff, twice weekly PCR testing and appropriate PPE and infection control protocols prior to providing care.   Increased cleaning and disinfection are used to reduce spread where possible.  In the absence of a Provincial mandate for staff immunization, the home continues ongoing efforts with staff to promote vaccination and encourage uptake.


Many of you have reached out to our board members to express your concern about some staff at Labdara not being vaccinated against COVID -19.  Some of you have asked what you can do to make vaccination of all healthcare workers mandatory in Ontario.  Unfortunately, Labdara cannot demand that its employees be vaccinated as that is under the jurisdiction of the Provincial government.  We have prepared a letter which you can use as a template for contacting the Ontario government officials who can act to make vaccination mandatory.  Feel free to modify the letter to reflect your personal situation.  The sample letter with contact information for government officials is in the link below.


Consider sharing the letter with your friends and family members and encourage them to send it out as well.  The government officials who can mandate vaccination must hear and listen to the concerns of Ontarians.  The more letters they receive, the better.




Labdara Foundation Board of Directors



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