Scholarships - 2018

Every two years, Labdara Foundation distributes the ‘Labdara Foundation / Lithuanian Community Association of Toronto (LCAT) Scholarship’.  



This scholarship was established by LCAT/Lietuviu Namai, to be administered by the Labdara Foundation, and is intended to financially assist students of Lithuanian heritage to pursue their goals in post-secondary education.

Value: The number and value of scholarships to be awarded is determined at each session by the Board of Directors of the Labdara Foundation. It is based upon the interest earned on the amount of principal in this fund for any given year.


  • applicants must be of Lithuanian heritage and a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant

  • applicants must be members of the Labdara Foundation or Lietuviu Namai (LCAT). Proof of membership must be attached to the application package. To become a member of the Labdara Foundation you must fill in an application form and pay an initiation/application fee of $100CDN. The application form is found in the link below and can also be picked up at Labdara's reception desk. The application form and a cheque, made out to: Labdara Foundation (in memo line indicate: application fee), should be left at the Labdara Nursing Home reception desk in an envelope addressed to: Secretary, Labdara Foundation.


  1. Academic standing of 70% or GPA equivalent (copy of transcript required)

  2. Applying or studying full-time at a college / university, leading to a diploma or degree

  3. Involvement in the Lithuanian Community, including a letter of reference


An application for the ‘Labdara Foundation / Lithuanian Community Association of Toronto (LCAT) Scholarship’ is available below:

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: 12:00 p.m., Monday, December 3 2018.


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