About Us

About Us

Labdara Lithuanian Nursing Home is owned and operated by the Labdara Foundation - a non-profit charity registered August 2, 1977 in the Province of Ontario. Labdara is a 90-bed long-term care home for seniors located in the West End of Toronto, Ontario, with a focus on caring for seniors of Lithuanian descent.

On June 25th, 2002, Labdara, the only Lithuanian Long-Term Care Nursing Home in Canada, opened its doors to receive its first residents. To this day, we continue to proudly serve our residents, and are pleased that Labdara is considered one of the best-rated Nursing Homes in the City of Toronto!

Labdara offers its residents a setting of familiarity with Lithuanian language, culture, customs, celebrations, food and worship. Constructed with community support spearheaded by the Lithuanian Community Association of Toronto (LCAT), and operated by the Labdara Foundation, it continues to faithfully serve the needs of the aging Lithuanian community. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our residents and meeting the demands of a growing senior population with care and compassion. 


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Labdara Lithuanian Nursing Home is owned by the Labdara Foundation, a not-for-profit registered charity B/N 118987775RR0001.
The home is managed by UniversalCare Inc.

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