Labdara Lithuanian Nursing Home is managed by UniversalCare. UniversalCare is a Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care-approved firm selected by the Board of Labdara Foundation to oversee and manage Labdara’s finances and operations, develop home-specific policies that meet government requirements, supervise the Home’s Administrator and prepare all accountability reports as required by government regulations. UniversalCare presents monthly financial accountability reports to the Board of Directors.



UniversalCare has extensive experience in all facets of operating LTC and Retirement Homes. Their experience also includes the successful operation of Interim LTC beds, specialized Hemodialysis Units (the only such kind in Ontario) and Memory Care Units. UniversalCare takes great pride in working with partners such as the Local Health Integration Network and other stakeholders.

Their team of highly experienced trained professionals, subject matter experts and local resource specialists are ready to help Labdara address our most pressing business and clinical issues.




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Labdara Lithuanian Nursing Home is owned by the Labdara Foundation, a not-for-profit registered charity B/N 118987775RR0001.
The home is managed by UniversalCare Inc.

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