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Becoming a Labdara Foundation Member

Members of the Labdara Foundation** are persons of good standing in the Lithuanian community who have applied and been accepted for membership by the Board of Directors as determined by vote at a Board meeting of the Labdara Foundation. Applications for membership are vetted as per conflict of interest rules and presented to the Board by the Secretary of the Board of Directors. [*Note Labdara's Conflict of Interest Policy may be viewed below]
To become a member of the Labdara Foundation you must complete an application form and pay an initiation/application fee of $100CDN. The application form and a cheque, payable to: Labdara Foundation (in memo line indicate: membership fee), may be left at the Labdara Nursing Home reception desk in an envelope addressed to: Secretary, Labdara Foundation, or mailed to: 

     Secretary, Labdara Foundation
     Labdara Lithuanian Nursing Home
     5 Resurrection Road
     Toronto, ON
     M9A 5G1 

The Secretary of the Board will inform the applicant of the Board’s decision. Once accepted as a member of the Labdara Foundation, the member may be required to pay annual membership fees as determined by the Foundation’s By-laws and is encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is usually held in the spring of each year. Notices for the AGM are published or sent out by email three weeks in advance of the meeting.
(*Note The Conflict Policy may be viewed at )
(**NOTE: As per current by-laws of Labdara Foundation and LCAT/Lietuviu Namai: current bona fide members of LCAT are automatically also members of Labdara Foundation.)




Becoming a Board Member

Members of the Labdara Foundation Board of Directors are members in good standing of the Lithuanian community that are members of the Labdara Foundation and have been elected to serve on the Board by the Foundation’s membership at an Annual General Meeting (AGM).
The Board of the Labdara Foundation is made up of eleven Directors. Board membership is determined by vote of the Labdara Foundation members taken at the AGM. Term of office is determined as set out in the Foundation’s by-laws, but is usually for a term of 3 years.       
To serve on the Labdara Board of Directors, you must be a member of either Labdara Foundation or the Lithuanian Community Association of Toronto (Toronto Lietuvių Namai).  Please email your completed nomination form along with your resume to

The application is then vetted per conflict of interest rules for Boards of Directors (as outlined in the Province of Ontario guidelines) and submitted to the Nominations Committee in advance of the AGM which is usually held in the spring of each year. The Nominations Committee or the Board of Directors may request an interview or additional information before presenting the application for a vote at a Board Directors’ meeting to accept or deny the application. If accepted by Board of Directors vote, the applicant then becomes a nominee and stands for election at the AGM. If the Labdara Foundation membership votes in favour of the nominee, the applicant becomes a Director on the Board of the Labdara Foundation and serves his/her three-year term. Attendance at Board meetings is mandatory. Board meetings are held monthly.
The deadline for submitting the Labdara Board of Directors Nomination form is May 19, 2022.  The Annual General Meeting will be held virtually on June 23, 2022.



 The Labdara Foundation Membership Application Form and the Labdara Board of Directors Nomination Form are found in the Documents section below





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