Scholarships - 2020

Every two years, Labdara Foundation distributes the ‘Labdara Foundation / Lithuanian Community Association of Toronto (LCAT) Scholarship’.  

This scholarship was established by LCAT/Lietuviu Namai, to be administered by the Labdara Foundation, and is intended to financially assist students of Lithuanian heritage to pursue their goals in post-secondary education.

The number and value of scholarships to be awarded is determined at each session by the Board of Directors of the Labdara Foundation. It is based upon the interest earned on the amount of principal in this fund for any given year.

The distribution for 2020 is

1 scholarship of $2,000
1 scholarship of $1,500
3 scholarships of $1,000

The application form for the scholarship is attached below.

APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 12:00 p.m., Friday, January 15, 2021.


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