Letter to Community September 03 2021

Friday September 03 2021

Tuesday August 31st, our outbreak was cleared by Public Health.

Wanted to thank the staff, the residents, the families and the community for their support and understanding during this difficult time.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with everyone who has lost a loved one to this global pandemic.

We continue to work with Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and Public Health by following their guidance and protocols that are in place.

  • Residents are able to resume dinning in dinning room (with social distancing)
  • Small group activities are able to resume (with social distancing)
  • Cohorting residents and staff (as much as possible) to their units
  • Increase of essential caregivers who are able to enter the home
  • General visits are permitted outside at this time 9am-5pm (must be scheduled with receptionist)
  • Increased cleaning and disinfection continues
  • Vaccine promotion continues
  • Active screening and testing continues, at an increased rate, for staff and anyone entering the building
  • Daily monitoring of residents continues for symptoms
  • We have been able to resume admissions

Laura Puteris
5 Resurrection Rd.
Toronto, ON M9A 5G1
Tel: 416-232-2112 ext 401


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