Toronto Challenge 2016


TORONTO CHALLENGE WALK or RUN on Sunday, June 12th, 2016, reached its goal and raised $4,800 for LABDARA!!!

We will be able to purchase sunscreen window blinds to eliminate the glare in the 2nd and 3rd floor resident dining rooms. CONGRATULATIONS to the LABDARA organizers of this event: Activation Staff Nerijus Augutis and Directors on the LABDARA Foundation Board: Julija Simonelis and Virginia Peciulis.

This is all thanks to the time and effort of everyone who walked or ran for the LABDARA Nursing Home. As the faces in these photos show - everyone - from our youngest to our oldest walkers had a good time.

Hats off to the significant group of Lithuanian youth and their friends all of whom ran the 5km route. The quickest time was 5 km in 24 minutes! We are very proud of you!!! Awesome job!!!


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